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Morris , the janitor, finds them in his closet, Arthur has to tell the truth. Rumors are circulating about the new family that has moved to Elwood City and Buster thinks that they may be aliens, even after he met Sue Ellen. When his mom invites them over for dinner, he finds out that Sue Ellen isn't an alien, but just a kid who has lived in various places around the world. The Brain is spending the weekend with the Reads because his parents are going to an ice cream convention. Arthur thinks this will be like having a brother around, but he is neat, finishes his homework early, and reads to D.

However, Arthur discovers that he is not so neat when he invites him over to his own house, and he has to be polite as he is the houseguest. Buster, as a detective, investigates, listening to biased accounts of those present the day it did so. They argue and accuse each other but everyone, except D. Arthur, Buster, and Francine are assigned to do a group project on Ancient Rome. They discuss how they're going to do it, each coming up with their own idea and eventually decide to draw a comic book. Each has their own idea of what to draw and after a failure to communicate have a mismatched one.

They argue over this and finally realize that they need to work together to finish it. Binky has a reputation for being a bully. When he doesn't, she challenges him to a fight to settle it. He gets nervous when he finds out she knows Tae Kwon Do. He decides to beat her at music but loses, so he apologizes to her so they wouldn't have to fight. For her half-birthday, Prunella's big sister, Rubella, gives her a cootie catcher.

Rubella claims that it can tell the future and the answers it gives do come true. Arthur and his friends begin following the its advice. When it goes missing and turns up ruined by the washing machine, they realize that they don't need it to run their lives.

Adaobi Anyachonkeya, Esthetician

Arthur has a loose tooth, but he is the only one in his class that hasn't lost any of his baby teeth yet. He unsuccessfully tries various ways to get it out so that Francine will stop calling him a baby. She, later, unintentionally knocks it out. Gets Lost ". She asks her mom and dad , but they claim her ears will turn green. After her persistence, Mrs. Read takes her shopping for earrings only if she approves of them.

While at the All In One Mart , she wanders off when her mom is distracted. Lost, she runs into Emily, whose ears have turned green. Emily proceeds to direct her back to her mom. Thinks Big ". At Aunt Lucy 's wedding, Arthur is the ring bearer and their dramatic diva cousin, Cora , is the flower girl, but D. However, when the wedding ring gets lost in the pipe organ, D.

Arthur and Buster are playing Frisbee in the park when it lands in a polluted fountain. Arthur's dad overhears him and Buster talking about the park and he involuntarily becomes the leader of a cleanup crew of kids. His friends aren't pleased and don't help him. But with the help of Francine's dad and a few volunteers, they manage to clean up the park. Ratburn's class is going on field trips to several of the students' parents at work to learn about careers. Francine is embarrassed by her dad's job as a garbage man, but her classmates don't seem to think so.

Muffy is allergic to the new carpets in her house , so she decides to stay with Francine while it is being removed. She brings some of the things from her room with her including TVs, wardrobes, and sculptures. During her stay, Francine can't deal with her spoiled attitude and she can't handle the less-than-wealthy condition in which Francine's family lives.

Ratburn loses his voice and his sister, Miss Ratburn , substitutes for him. Initially, the class is excited by the easiness of the lessons, doing things such as reciting the one times table and that yellow and blue make green. They are soon bored and are excited when Mr. Ratburn returns the next day. Fern is the only person who volunteers to enter the Poetry Competition, which is will be judged by Jack Prelutsky. When the others start making fun of her, she reveals a new side to her quiet character, and challenges them all to write poems for the competition.

If they don't succeed, they will be roped into a year's membership of the School Poetry Club. Arthur and his friends start a petition when they learn that the Scare-Your-Pants-Off books have been removed from the library. They find out that it's Muffy's parents who want them banned.

Arthur and his friends create a club to stop D. When they can't agree on its rules it splits. This leads to more disagreements and more clubs created. They eventually come back together, under D. Francine has outgrown her bike so her dad finds his old one for her, except she is embarrassed by it. She hides it and pretends it's stolen when it is accidentally taken way by a garbage truck. They don't agree.

She plays a prank on them with fake UFOs in retaliation and vice versa. Arthur has never stayed up until midnight on New Year's Eve. His friends all have their theories on what occurs when the new year comes. He tries to stay up until New Year's Eve to find out what really happens at midnight. Mister Rogers is visiting Mr. Ratburn 's class and staying at Arthur's house. Arthur is afraid of telling anyone the latter because he doesn't want to be called a baby. It's not so bad when they find out. When Francine makes fun of Fern , she draws a comic humiliating her, which everyone finds amusing.

Other comics about her are drawn. During the school carnival, those teasing her are convinced by Mrs. MacGrady to dump green slime on her. As they prepare to do so, they realize how much they hurt her feelings. Arthur and Buster have to work with Binky on an art report, but they believe he will make them do all the work. He wants to do it on an abstract painting he believes is hanging sideways.

To avoid embarrassment, Arthur and Buster make an agreement with him to do separate reports. Ironically, he is the only one who does any of the work and turns out to be correct. Arthur's luck begins to change after he finds a pencil right before the stop of a rainstorm.

After several lucky breaks, he and his friends are convinced that it is lucky. As it gets shorter, he is more conservative with it. Even with an upcoming history test, he won't let anyone use it, not even himself. Buster begins keeping bad company in his eagerness to learn his new "friends'" skating tricks.

Arthur realizes that they are just having Buster make a fool of himself for their own amusement. Arthur and his friends are too young to watch a James Hound movie. They instead decide to make their own movie. Although it doesn't come out as planned, they have fun filming it. She thinks that her parents only love Arthur and Kate. While she watches Kate for the rest of her punishment, she realizes that she has been a horrible sister. Binky rips his pants in class, revealing his underwear. Arthur can't stop laughing every time he thinks of it, but he's getting nightmares in which he doesn't have any pants.

He tells Buster about this, who tells everyone else, which embarrasses him. Inevitably, he does rip his pants and has to deal with it. Francine goes for horseback riding lessons and her sister, Catherine , has to bring her there. Catherine is better than Francine! Feeling over shadowed by Catherine, Francine considers quitting but returns and remembers why she wanted to take horseback riding in the first place. Buster gets a cat down from a tree with his ice cream and his mother publishes a story on it. When people start calling him a hero, this goes to his head and he starts acting important and retells the story with embellished details.

Arthur, Francine, and the Brain make a fool out of him to humble him, but he ends up saving Arthur and Francine from a runaway piano. She surprises him with four tickets to " Crazy Bus Live ". He is embarrassed to be there but finds Buster enjoying the show. When the CD goes missing, she accuses him of taking it, but their parents have done so by mistake. Arthur and his friends are participating in TV-Free Week. His family also goes without TV in support of the idea. Everyone tries to resist the temptation of TV while they go through their week.

Binky has a night light. He tries to go without it when Arthur has to spend the night because his parents are stuck out of town. When Arthur finds out about it, he believes Arthur may use this against him, although Arthur isn't particularly interested. Even so, he eventually musters the courage to tell everyone before Arthur does.

The school band has a recital on Friday. Everyone except Arthur is worried and practicing. He is confident that he knows everything well enough until a nightmare makes him worry he may miss a note. In a subplot, D. Francine and the Brain have an argument over soccer practice that carries into class and through the next match.

They may not make it to the playoffs if the argument continues. Arthur uses D. After school, Arthur is supposed to take the bus to the public pool for his swimming lesson, but he falls asleep and misses his stop. Then he ends up at the edge of town but luckily, the bus driver helps him find his way home. Arthur has a to-do list for the summer, but he can't find it and summer's nearly over. He finds out everyone else had a great summer. He finds his list and D.

Goes to Washington ". The Reads go to Washington D. They tour the popular landmarks and at the White House , D. Haney gives Arthur an envelope to give to his mom. He is worried about its contents, thinking that it's about him, so he comes up with a way of giving it to her without her opening it. It turns out to contain Mr.

Haney's tax documents. When the Reads goes camping, D. She names him Walter and wants to take him home. Buster needs to write a book report, but he has never finished a book. His friends try to find one he can finish. Arthur and Buster start writing their own adventure book based on Buster's book choice from "Buster Hits the Books", but he is leaving for a couple of months. Arthur's and Francine's friends think that they are in love, leading both of them to think the other is in love.

They avoid each other afraid of getting "cooties" and finally solve the problem. Muffy is throwing a party at Waterworld and everyone is excited except the Brain. Arthur and Binky discover that he is afraid of water and try to help him get over this fear so he can go to the party. In a letter to Buster, Arthur tells him about how he was determined to be too hopelessly unfunny to be a clown and how he discovered he can be funny playing the piano. Sue Ellen loses her diary in the library.

Muffy, Francine, Binky, and Arthur find it, wondering what's inside and whether to open it or return it unread. Arthur accidentally hurts his knee at the dump while retrieving a wheel to fix his school project. He hides the injury and makes D. She unexpectedly shows up early when her car breaks down and they must finish their last minute preparations without her noticing. Fern's mother wants her to invite some girls over for a slumber party to which she reluctantly agrees. Everyone thinks she is boring and bring their own entertainment, but she later manages to impress them with her detective skills.

The Brain and Francine use fake love notes to get revenge against Muffy after she puts them down at the science fair. Their joke has unintended consequences and they must fix it before things get worse. Blows the Whistle ". Arthur and his friends worry she may ruin the upcoming soapbox derby. During it, she finds herself in an unsafe situation when she is stuck at the top of a large pine tree after she climbs it to get a better view. Francine and her older sister, Catherine, share a room and can't stand each other's tastes in decor, so Catherine moves out.

Francine finds her room to be empty without her sister in it. Arthur keeps losing at the new " No Guessing! His friends are annoyed by his "sore winner" attitude and use Binky to make him lose, because Binky has no qualms about cheating. They try to figure out ways to circumvent crossing the intersection before they realize his true intent.

Arthur and Francine try to find out why D. She later has a strange dream with him, Walter from "D. Arthur, Binky, and the Brain find a key in the grass while looking for a baseball. They each think it's for something they would like and argue over who gets to keep it before they find out what its real use is. Muffy is having trouble coming up with a recipe so her friends make a joke one, which turns out to taste good and she takes all the credit. Sue Ellen feels lonely not having a sibling, so she opts for one of her friends, but they each have their flaws.

Buster is coming home and Arthur is excited. He is also afraid that Buster will have changed too much, so he reads up on all the places Buster had visited. His fears worsen when Buster doesn't call back or come over. Buster has returned to Elwood City. He's surprised by how much has changed and feels left out because of the things he didn't get to experience while he was away.

Arthur decides to throw a party for him. All Fired Up ". When Arthur and Muffy are assigned to work on a project together, he begins to act more and more like her. His friends try to turn him back into Arthur before it's too late. Sue Ellen and the Brain are assigned to work on a project together same assignment as "Arthur Goes Crosswire".

Francine and Buster say it will be easy as the Brain does almost all of the work by himself. Sue Ellen wants to help, but he doesn't let her. This turns into a struggle that nearly ruins their project. Ratburn 's class is asked to research their ancestors. Muffy and Francine try to one-up each other with who theirs were, even after each find nothing interesting. Even though Muffy is eventually caught lying about hers, Francine continues with her lie. The Magic Toolbox is coming to Mr. Ratburn's class to put the kids on TV! The kids prepare for stardom, all practicing their various talents.

The Brain is the only one not interested in appearing on the show, but when it turns out that the segment is not what the others expect it to be, they need his help. Arthur and Buster are sorting potato chips and find a big green one. Binky eats one, too, and they both make the best out the last days of their lives. Throughout the day, all of the kids and adults tease her about the green chip incident.

She is furious that this went public, and blames Arthur but finds out it was her mom who told other people. She apologizes, but D. When graffiti stating "Binky Rules" mysteriously appears on the walls of the school, everyone thinks that Binky wrote it. Buster and Fern , who are well known for being good detectives, attempt to prove that he didn't do it.

After more investigating, they realize that it was done by an unknown band called Binky to promote themselves. Binky, the unknown band from "Binky Rules", has their first concert. Arthur gets to visit them backstage and struggles with whether or not he should bring his friends along and decides to do so at the last minute. They get to meet Binky backstage because Arthur's father is catering for them. When they meet them, they realize that they are actually holograms.

Arthur doesn't like the new Woogle fad, but when everyone else has one, he tries to get one. Frustrated after several failed attempts, he starts playing with a bottle cap and starts a new fad. Arthur brings a cake his dad made to a party in his class celebrating Galileo 's birthday. Everyone likes the cake so he asks his dad to make another one, but this makes him run behind on his other orders. He realizes this after the Brain's mom starts bringing ice cream to the school. A subplot has Mr. Ratburn attempting to get Mr.

Read's cake by pretending to try to give anyone who is having one a schedule of Spring Reading, but his final attempt doesn't work when it turns out that Arthur and his dad aren't having cake; they're making ones for other people. Francine accidentally takes her sister Catherine 's backpack to school and discovers a magazine called " Popular Girl ". Reading it convinces Sue Ellen and Fern to change their personality to become more likable. Buster has never been mad at anyone for long, but he holds a grudge against Binky for telling the joke he was going to tell.

This culminates to an onstage rant during a school talent show and Arthur has to set things right. After Buster finds an arrowhead in his backyard, Arthur wants to dig around his house to see what he can find. When he gets too involved, he starts digging where he's not allowed to do so. Ratburn's class is at a medieval fair competing for a trophy against a class from Glenbrook Academy led by Mr. Ratburn's former teacher, Mr. During the competitions, Arthur is sidetracked by the sword in the stone and his classmates fear that Mr. Pryce-Jones may replace Mr.

Ratburn if they lose. They play roughly while pretending to fight crime and end up hurting D. Tricks the Tooth Fairy ". When her plan doesn't work, she tries to trick the tooth fairy with a fake one. December 28, [1]. Tommy Tibble is sad and less active because Timmy is sick. Although D. Arthur and Buster have an imaginary music festival featuring the whole cast in songs based on their lives, themselves, and the library.

Sue Ellen is hard to scare and is frightened by a mysterious howl in the woods. She enlists the help of Arthur, Buster, and Binky to investigate the noise. Arthur gets the help of Mr. Ratburn to try to fix her. George becomes more popular with his ventriloquist dummy, Wally , and starts a short-lived ventriloquism fad at school. He starts acting less rationally as Wally starts falling apart, because before Wally, nobody noticed him.

Francine's family gets a new cat that Francine renames Nemo after her sister, Catherine, named him Rose Petal. Arthur is a dog person and doesn't like him, thinking he is trying to kill Pal. He dislikes him so much that it may end his friendship with Francine. Arthur goes over past events from previous episodes with her to cheer her up. This works and she goes on to her birthday party to make a wish. Clean Up ". However, they each are picky about what stays and goes and how it all goes together.

Arthur and his friends are feeling different, but can't put a finger on it. They eventually realize that they haven't had a holiday in a while, so they embark on making a new one. Arthur refuses to get a book for D. Luckily, she figures out how to get a library card and check it out. But the Tibble Twins make her worried. Having had enough of D. Worse, when the Tough Customers hear about this, they dare Binky to hit him the next time he sees him. Arthur and his friends find a snake and decide to keep it in a box in his room without telling his parents.

It escapes and he and his friends are worried when they can't remember if it was a venomous coral snake Micrurus or the similarly-colored, but harmless king snake Lampropeltis Triangulum. Muffy and Francine are best friends, but Muffy does not like practicing soccer and Francine does not like shopping. Since Francine and Jenna like soccer, Muffy searches for a new best friend who likes what she does.

When D. When he learns he has it, his friends start treating him differently, thinking that he needs special attention. He educates them about it.

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Muffy and Francine play several pranks on Arthur, Buster, Binky, and the Brain and invite them to a party at a haunted house. The boys decide to retaliate at it and Muffy and Francine are ready with another prank. They call off all pranks when they discover a real ghost. Five years later, they are 13 and watch for the winning episode only to find out a girl named Holly Holland from Canadian, Oklahoma has won.

When Arthur won't take her along to the Exploratorium , she makes her own museum with false explanations of real-life occurrences, such as why the sky is blue or what the formula for water stands for. She challenges Arthur and the Brain to "prove it" when they say she is wrong, only to have to take her to the Exploratorium. A blizzard hits Elwood City , leaving Mr. Ratburn , Mr. Haney , and Mr. Morris trapped in the school , the Brain at Prunella's house , and several families at the Reads' house.

Francine has to write a report on pioneers and bases it on her experience with the people who came over to the Reads' house and pooled their resources. After his roof caves in from snow, Mr. Ratburn stays at Arthur's house. Arthur is afraid that it will be non-stop homework and teaching, only to find out Mr. Ratburn is more fun than he thought. However, at school, his friends start calling him a teacher's pet. Tale Spins ". She retells The Odyssey to prove him wrong. Note: "Vegemorphs" is a parody of the Animorphs book series.

Also, there is such thing as the Vegemorphs spoof series in the real world; it is published by Troll. Prunella gets two Polly Locket dolls and dismisses the second one, which was from Francine. Later, she thinks that Francine spoiled the party by not joining in on the festivities. Binky is doing a project on butterflies and becomes obsessed with catching "Big Blue", a rare blue one.

He eventually manages to catch it but lets every butterfly go when he is horrified by how they are kept in collections. When Francine enters the talent show, her friends try to tell her she is horrible when she sings and drums at the same time, even though she is a good drummer.

After she hears a recording of herself, she realizes her friends had been right, but at the talent show, she surprises them without her drum set as she sings very well. Father's Day is approaching and Arthur and his friends come up with an idea to find a substitute for Buster's dad who is a pilot and often away.

Prunella wants Flash Pants and thinks she is getting them for her birthday, only to be disappointed by a watch instead. Arthur is afraid of being teased when wearing his dad 's old Mr. Puffy jacket because he has outgrown his old winter coat. Together, they realize that they don't have to hide because of what they wear. Arthur and his friends separately find the same metal bobbin but do not know what it is.

It happens to fit exactly what they need at the moment it appears. They argue over it and find out that it is Mr. Ratburn's and learn what it is at his puppet show. Buster is funny but wants to be good at something else, and Arthur wants to be vice versa. They end up acting like each other. This annoys their friends and they realize that they are fine the way they are. The library is looking for a musician to perform for the children's show later in the week. Arthur and his friends are immediately annoyed, so they choose to find a musician. Francine's father suggests that they hire Joshua Redman , her uncle and a jazz musician.

But then Grandma Thora takes D. Yo-Yo Ma and Joshua Redman guest star as themselves. Arthur is put in an awkward situation, when, after arguing with D. Intrigued, he watches an episode and becomes hooked on it! He tries to hide it from his friends, which isn't easy, because it clashes with Dark Bunny , the show they are all hooked on and always talking about. When they find out initially, they tease him for it. In the end, however, they all admit they like The Love Ducks. Arthur goes on the game show, Riddle Quest , against a really smart contestant.

In the final round, he must decide between winning and his friends. Alex Trebek guest stars as the host, Alex Lebeck. Arthur, Buster , Francine , and the Brain resent the large amount of homework they are assigned, which culminates in a large number of dares issued to skip school. However, the next morning, everyone agrees to call off the plot due to guilt personified by a giant clam. Francine fails to receive the message and carries on with it. Lakewood Elementary is having an open house and Arthur and his friends are embarrassed by how their parents will act judging from the previous year's open house.

This prompts Sue Ellen to ask her parents to act more "normal". Buster wants the new CyberToy , but they're too expensive, so while he's at the drugstore he slips one into Arthur's backpack without him noticing. He feels guilty later, so he and Arthur try to return it without getting into trouble.

Buster beats the Brain at a class Mathathon, so the Brain gives up on his studies and Buster must represent the class. Buster realizes that he can't do so and comes up with several plans to turn the Brain back to the way he is. Although disappointed that they're brought to the beach, he tells them about Ocean Zone and leaves them to find it. They have fun at the beach and realize that it is Ocean Zone.

Arthur and his friends attempt to break a world record by making the world's largest pizza. Ratburn 's class takes a field trip to some caves in Palisades Park. Arthur is afraid of going into the caves, but inside, he's not the one that's spooked the most. He uses what his dad told him and gets everyone out of there calmly. When Muffy gets lice, she is nervous about how her friends will feel. However, it ends up spreading to everyone at school, forcing them to be checked everyday and instead of doing homework, are forced to stay up late and have their parents take nits out of their hair.

Arthur is training for and running a 3k race. Everything is seen from his point-of-view the whole episode. Ratburn's class holds a class election. Muffy takes the candidacy for class president seriously and a competitive campaign against Arthur ensues. However, they both lose to Binky and learn about elections and campaigning in the process. Being annoyed by her new neighbor, Francine tries to get her to move by setting traps to scare her.

This doesn't work and she makes a new friend as she gets to know her. Buster believes its his destiny to go to Pizza Paula's Pizzaland and win the pizza-eating contest for free pizza for life. While he is there, he goes back to the hotel room to sleep early for the contest, except he can't fall asleep. Francine pays Binky to look after Nemo for the weekend, but he doesn't take a look at her written instructions. When Nemo acts strangely at the mention of her, Binky keeps him away from her, thinking she is a bad owner. Buster's mom has a boyfriend and he is nervous to meet him.

At first he thinks it's Mr. Ratburn but finds out it's not. When he eventually meets her boyfriend, Harry , he finds out he's not so bad. Arthur has a stomachache after eating too many sweets and has dreams involving fairy tales made famous by the Brothers Grimm. He tells them about a buried family treasure, but they don't want to wait up for him so they take the map and look for it themselves. After Mr. Muffy hangs out with Francine's sister, Catherine , because Francine is not mature enough.

Catherine's friends don't receive her well and ridicule her because she uses "Mature Miss" as her guide for acting mature. Sue Ellen and her friends continuously lose against an anonymous player on an Internet game, " Virtual Goose ". When she finds herself obsessed with winning against that player, she makes a promise not to play for a week. And if the beach is too windy for the umbrellas or you want something different there is a great pool with hot tub and lots of very comfortable lounges with umbrellas.

We used the pool a day or so as well. Additionally, they have a great tennis facility! We had decided not to take golf or tennis equipment as this trip was to be about visiting the Big Island and relaxing on the beach.

Discover Episodes - Radio Ambulante

But one day we decided to check out the tennis shop for T-shirts and such, and I could not resist the call to play. The club had racquet rental as well as shoe rental! They were not fussy about the dress code either so my work out shorts were just fine. At the hotel, there are many classes offered regarding Hawaii life and also hotel tours regarding the artwork displayed. I took the art tour offered and it was very educational. And a special part of staying at this hotel was the staff, so accommodating and friendly. Every morning at breakfast buffet we had an ocean side table and the staff was concerned about the exposure to the sun and would bring out the awnings just before the sun became an issue.

The staff always seemed to be at least one step ahead and were able to anticipate our needs. The weather cooperated for all activities except the hiking. The excursions Dani arranged were timed for us to take advantage of the time change, east coast vs Hawaii time. This app worked very well and made the planning and referencing of trip details very easy and convenient.

In addition to a beachfront room we also we received upgraded seats at our Luau, chilled bottle of champagne in our room, additional champagne at dinner at an off-resort restaurant —all of these were very nice surprises! It was a great trip for us, thanks to Dani and her team! She provided an app, preloaded with our specific plans, including websites, phone numbers, directions and activity descriptions.

We had two activities that needed clarification while we were there; she answered her cell phone and provided immediate help. I highly recommend Dani; we would not have had close to as nice a trip without her. Dani did a great job of matching our needs to a resort on the north end.

We had two families and a 1 yr. Her suggestions on activities such as pony rides and the luau were spot on. Restaurant recommendations were excellent as well. Even with some mix-ups on a scheduled hike, she handled the issue extremely well. I would highly recommend her.

It was a great trip- my 5yr. Dani Johnson was friendly, helpful and did an excellent job with our non-conventional request. Dani arranged a private tour of Pearl Harbor which was excellent — a 5 out of 5.

Missing drunk Mexican football fan leapt off cruise liner to impress girl

We enlisted the help of Dani Johnson—based out of California—to help us put together a trip to Maui and the big island of Hawaii in June. Overall it was a great trip packed with hiking adventures, a sunrise visit to the top of Mt. Dani was in constant contact with us throughout our trip, which was greatly appreciated, as we had questions about various things while we were there. We had mentioned this trip was a celebration of our wedding anniversary and at both of our hotels, there was chilled champagne and sweet treats courtesy of Dani.

She even managed to snag us an upgrade to a suite at the Four Seasons Hualalai on the big island which was a pleasant surprise. Overall we were very happy with her and the great getaway she helped organize for us. Not only did she secure great rates at the resorts, but there was a special welcome for us when we arrived as well. I have been to Hawaii many times and have not used a travel agent.

But I would never go to Hawaii again without enlisting Dani! Dani was a dream to work with and made this special trip one of our most memorable. She contacted me immediately and worked patiently with me to help plan an itinerary that was perfect for us. The sense of security we felt as we traveled was quite unique for us — knowing that Dani was checking in on us along the way, touching base with our resorts to make sure that they were prepared to greet us and provide us upgrades and top-flight service.

We are so happy to have done this trip and met all our goals. We thank you for your great advise and recommendations, all steps worked well for us. In Oahu, we really enjoyed the Surfrider Hotel and could sense some of the old history behind this building. The room with balcony, the service, and the location were highly appreciated.

We enjoyed Chris a guide at Pearl Harbor and Punchbowl and got our history lesson, which was a goal of ours. The house of Doris Duke was a highlight, modern outside but very decorative inside, she must have been a strong and special lady! We did drive to the North Shore but were a bit disappointed as we did not see the high waves with surf riders, maybe we had the wrong expectations. We continued around the north side of the Island, encountered heavy flooding rain and came back through the middle of the island.

The trip to Hilo and then up to the Volcano House was fine. We enjoyed staying up there for 2 nights especially as from our bed we could see the red glow of the fumes coming out of the crater. Actually, the food offered was surprisingly good. The Crater Road was closed, we could only get as far the Jaggar Museum. We did, however, drive all the way down to the ocean and had many impressive sites along the road but obviously did not see any flowing lava.

The drive along the coast to the Fairmont Orchid Kona was interesting though mostly through lava fields including the setting of the hotel. The Fairmont is a spectacular place with a great room with view to the golf course, the mountains and the sea. The facilities are fabulous, the restaurants we ate at the hotel and other places were succulent, I have never some much fish in my life during the 10 days we were in Hawaii. What dramatic vies of the rainforest and its deep valleys with long waterfalls.

But the key was that our pilot got us to see a small crater with bubbling lava and also found a vent on the side of the volcano where the lava was flowing down the mountain though not very long. This is what I was longing to see, the inside of our earth coming out to the outside, mission accomplished! Other highlights were the Harvest Dinner with 2 other very much younger couples, which was fun and the whale watching were we got to see some humpback walls, again unexpectedly we saw a baby whale with its mam learning how to flab its back tail on the water.

The underside of the Tail was all white! The only not so nice situation was the departure at Kona airport which has really no terminal building but only huts. The bad thing was that it was pouring down rain and we had to seek little corners to stay dry, but then had to embark by foot through the rain up a long ramp. The flight was annoying as we had kids and babies crying all the time in the row in front and behind us….

But we made it home, when we arrived, the first thing we did at 10 am in the morning was having a nap!! Dani Johnson was incredibly helpful in the planning of a trip for my husbands 60th birthday. Her knowledge of the islands and relationships with the hotels and guides is top notch! She is extremely responsive and even changed our hotel reservations on the fly to allow us to stay longer at one hotel. We had an amazing trip and are already thinking of planning our next trip to the islands with Dani! I found Wendy Perrin via a web search and was tentative, but submitted my information anyway.

And I am so glad that I did. From my first phone call with Dani Johnson, I could tell I was going to be in good hands. We had spent a lot of time in Northern CA wine country but wanted to try something new to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. I set a high expectation for this trip and was nervous about going to an area I had never been before.

Dani provided great suggestions. Each resort was exactly what I wanted. Ken our wine guide was spectacular and so happy now to have a new friend. The restaurant reservations were made and each one was fabulous. We travel often and I like to splurge occasionally on some of the experiences. Well at the end of the trip I said to my husband, each upgrade was worth it. It ranks up there as one of my favorite trips we have taken so far. Thank you, Dani, for listening to what I was looking for and coming through with suggestions I would never have found on my own. I know that we planned things late, but you still made it all happen.

We are already recommending you and your services to friends that want to take the trip that we continue to talk about. The best suggestion I have for people considering working with Dani is, be honest about what you want, set the expectations and leave the planning to her and her team. I would definitely use Dani Johnson again and would also contact Wendy Perrin when we plan our next adventure.

Thank you. She planned each day carefully with activities. It was also great that we had places selected to eat along the way. All recommended and confirmed by Dani. She would even text us during the trip to follow up or confirm an activity or dinner. It was all conveniently organized on an app. Just checked my phone and at a glance, the day was set up. This is our third trip with your WOW travel specialists since — we worked with Virginia Irurita for our trip to Spain in October and then with Jonathan Epstein for our trip to Scotland in the Fall of These journeys have been expensive and luxurious and we have been completely satisfied with our experiences.

We required a large, luxury home to keep four generations of our family together, rental of items for an infant, stocking of the refrigerator, babysitting services, hair styling at the house and car transportation on the wedding day. Dani delivered on everything I requested!! The house in Malibu was extraordinary — there was a little problem with the contact person assigned from the Luxury Retreat partner.

She did not respond in a timely manner to Danis request for confirmation of details and she was quickly replaced with another person who was efficient and stayed in touch throughout all of the planning. Unlike our previous travel experiences, this was not a vacation of visiting sights or cities or moving hotels — in some ways, this experience demanded more planning of details and ensuring that the residence would give everyone the comfort and ease that we requested for this very special family event. Dani was exceptional in her attention and she was exceptional in creating a week that meant so much to everyone.

We knew this was relatively short notice given that this was the height of summer travel, and I had hoped using an agent would help us a little bit in securing a decent place to stay, perhaps help guide us to some good wineries, etc. Well, Dani Johnson exceeded all our expectations! In short order, she found us the perfect house to rent for the week. She also put together an amazing wine tasting itinerary and found us a truly remarkable guide. Maui June When we decided to go to Maui, the planning process was overwhelming.

Dani Johnson took all of the stress out of the planning and left my family with the fun choices. She booked an incredible ocean view condo, car, a phenomenal private tour guide for the road to Hana. She gave me ideas for restaurants, excursions. She spends several weeks a year in Hawaii and knew the entire area.

Hooray Heroes - Personalized books for kids

Dani gave us personal recommendations for everything including what luggage she likes! The trip itself was amazing. The condo was beautiful, very comfortable, gorgeous views. We had wonderful dinners together watching the sunset. We loved all her restaurant recommendations. It was a simple request, but the way they handled it makes me want to use them again and in a broader capacity.

Jay and Amber were responsive, asked good questions, acted quickly, etc. We ended up getting upgraded to the two best rooms in the hotel, quite a treat, and something the 16 and year olds traveling with us will remember the rest of their lives their room was larger than the house they live in. I will keep using Coastline Travel. I suggested Jay partly because he is based in the same area as the traveler. The lesson here: The travel business works in mysterious ways. I had seen some really great flight deals on Hawaiian Air but lost them while waiting for a proposal from Dani not ideal but understandable considering it was the holidays.

Eventually, I booked my own flights on United which cost a bit more than the Hawaiian flights but were better than the flights Dani had sent over. Dani was helpful in terms of recommending accommodations that would suit our needs, but it took her so long to book the accommodations, we lost our first choice room category.

Instead, she assumed the prices dropped — instead the room category was just gone and so the lower category popped up as available and so of course the price was lower. At that point, I felt she was not prioritizing our trip. I had to resend things like our flight information and the dates we would need accommodations a couple times when I thought most travel specialists would note these important details and not have to ask for them again.

I generally felt frustrated with the time frame that it took to book everything. We ended up having to spend a lot more to get a suite with ocean views, as we wanted the ocean view room and lost it. In the past, other WOW List specialists have held rooms for us to safeguard something like this from happening.

I ended up reaching out to Wendy to voice my frustrations. Not only that, Dani reached out to me and was very unprofessional when she confronted me about my complaints and lectured me on how hard working she is and that I am the first client to have felt this way about her. I felt that conversation should not have taken place at all. At that point, everything had been booked and I figured it was too late to go our separate ways — she did an ok job recommending restaurants, day trips etc.

We had a great trip regardless of my experience with Dani and unlike other WOW List specialists, she failed to reach out to see how our trip went we live on the West coast and will probably go to Hawaii quite often, too bad we were not able to form a relationship for future trips. That said, I did feel my initial phone call with Dani was very helpful. I was interested in staying in an area on Maui that would have been quite windy and wet during the time we visited. She did a good job convincing me to stay in Wailea instead and we liked it very much. I also liked some of the restaurant recommendations that she made and she had a special with one of the resorts we stayed at and got us a free night.

Unfortunately, I feel these are things one should expect with any travel agent that specializes in a specific destination. I will not be working with Coastal Travels on our next trip to Hawaii. By the time Wanwisa sent us her credit card number, her preferred room type was gone. In addition, when we searched for her name in our secure server, we could not find her name. We advised Wanwisa that, at the Andaz, our travelers get a one-category upgrade, based on availability at time of check-in. While it was very possible that the room category Wanwisa had wanted an Ocean View Room might open up, Wanwisa decided to pay more in order to get an Ocean View Suite that was twice the size of the Ocean View Room, since that extra space would come in handy for her toddler son.

A final important thing for Hawaii travelers to know is that a travel agent can deliver better rates and value-added benefits when a trip is in low season or shoulder season, as opposed to peak season. We immediately responded to her initial trip request when it came in during the holiday week between Christmas and New Years. We tried to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible, but we would love the chance to do better in future, so we recommend that any travelers wanting to book trips during high season such as a school-break week or the festive season contact us at least four to six months before that holiday period.

She did an excellent job of putting together an itinerary that was customized just for us and our interests. She was quick to respond during the planning phase and most importantly while we were on the ground in Los Angeles. Creative Director: Matt Berman. Model: Cindy Crawford. Hair: Oribe. I imagined each of our famous collaborators receiving the fax and thinking, Who the hell is Matt Berman? Cuban-born Oribe had a credit in every major magazine, with unforgettable cover shots of Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, and Claudia Schiffer.

And Cindy Crawford was already a household name. As the shoot date loomed closer, I asked John if he was planning on coming with me. Relax and have fun. I boarded the noon flight to Los Angeles. Beginning to doze, I gazed down at the little houses, streets, and farms and thought about how everyone down there knew who John Kennedy Jr. I was in a good place—I felt lucky. I arrived and picked up my rental car. The next morning I chugged down La Cienega Boulevard in the Buick, following my photocopied directions to Smashbox Studios, where I pulled my loser boat into a space between a cool 70s Camaro and a Range Rover.

Thank God it was early enough that no one would see me getting out of my car. At the reception desk, a pretty girl pointed me toward the studio. I found a cavernous space, empty except for an old guy sweeping the floor. Time crawled. Eventually people began pulling up in jazzy cars. Herb drove a black s convertible. He walked through the front door dressed for an outdoor lunch with friends. The stylist unpacked racks of clothes. Oribe set up his combs, scissors, and spray bottles in front of a mirror and took a white powdered wig that he had borrowed from the Metropolitan Opera out of a box while Carol, the makeup artist, laid out her palettes and brushes.

Finally, Cindy Crawford arrived, looking more beautiful than in photographs, soft and delicate. In consolation, I handed her the note John had entrusted me to deliver. The day was starting to be fun. Everyone gathered around a table to look at photocopied images of paintings of George Washington when we noticed something common in all of them. Kate Harrington, the stylist, saw it and burst out laughing. Apparently, the general was often depicted with a huge bulge between his legs. Cindy walked onto the set and took a heroic stance in front of the simple backdrop. The Revolutionary War-era coats Kate had rented from Western Costume, a Hollywood institution for film costumers, looked like leftovers from a Jane Seymour mini-series and made Cindy, in her white wig, look like a granny.

After an hour of Oribe combing and shaping the wig, we found a solution that resembled George Washington but made Cindy look pretty and feminine. Kate mixed combinations of coats and Lycra sportswear until Cindy looked enough like our Founding Father, but sexy. Having seen how great the Polaroids turned out, I agreed that we were ready to wrap.

I took the box into my office and shut the door. I brought John into my office and waited for a reaction. He was thrilled. We all became experts in celebrity behavior and loved witnessing the fireworks or fizzle between John and the superstars of the day. After an hour of arguing, we decided we wanted to shoot her as a sexy Martha Washington half dressed in bloomers and a corset. When Demi arrived, John came out of his office to get me. He knew how awkward I still felt around celebrities, so he tried a sink-or-swim tactic.

Go into my office and introduce yourself. With the midday sun coming through the windows, she was more beautiful than I had expected: delicate bones, flawless skin, and straight dark-brown hair swept away from her face and clipped casually in the back. I took a breath and walked in. She was wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and a tiny lavender cashmere cardigan, stretched tightly around her upper body and fastened with one tiny pearl button right between her breasts. That button was now the focus of the meeting.

John returned to his office and broke the silence by telling her our ideas for the cover. She listened politely, then told us her idea of how to shoot her as Martha Washington. After describing her extensive doll collection to the now catatonic men surrounding her, she suggested that she be portrayed as an old-fashioned, porcelain-doll version of Martha Washington. And to be sure the reader knew she was Martha Washington, the doll Demi Moore would be manipulating a tiny George Washington marionette.

We all nodded in agreement, as if pulled by strings ourselves, as if her idea were brilliant. After everyone else left the room, it was up to me to work out the details of the shoot with Demi. She gave me the contact numbers of her assistant, the photographer she liked, her personal seamstress, and an artist from whom she had once bought a doll that could serve as the perfect model for the photo. I wrote everything down, sure that this would be the last time I would be in contact with her until the day of the shoot.

Early the next morning, a Saturday, the phone rang at my apartment. Figuring it was my mother calling to see if I was still alive, I let the machine answer. I soon discovered that our George doll cover would become part of a growing oeuvre of creepy photographs of Demi portraying various dolls. She showed me photo after photo from her collection: Demi jammed in a corner as a lifeless, freckle-faced Raggedy Ann wearing red-and-white striped hose, Demi as a 19th-century china doll, and, the most disturbing, Demi in a giant cardboard Barbie package staring expressionless through the life-size cellophane window.

The scene got stranger; Demi insisted that her bosom be body-painted with red and white stripes to create a bodice. It was John calling to make his apologies for not coming. I handed the phone to Demi. When she was done talking to John, I took the phone, glad to hear a familiar voice. When the images of Demi came back, they were passable, but the lighting was flat.

A few weeks later, my assistant, Stephanie, came into my office, squirming. I picked up the phone. I just got a copy of the magazine. Then I tried a new tactic. I just said I looked a little bit red. I was learning how to navigate the terrain. Even today, when a touchy issue comes up at work, I ask myself, What would John do? I often find my solution. John was going to join me for the Streisand shoot on Saturday. When we landed in L.

RoseMarie and I had been dealing with Kim all week. She was difficult, but we held our tongues. I called at four P. I called at six P. Finally, Kim called at seven P. John and I got into our rented convertible and pulled onto the Pacific Coast Highway. I was silent as John drove. Anybody home? Situated high on a cliff overlooking the Pacific, the house was huge and designed to feel like an idyllic American home, with picket fences, pointed gables, and bright-white clapboard siding.

There was a meandering flagstone path leading to an arched front entrance, where I saw a tiny, pale figure in the doorway. Funny Girl was leaning against the doorframe with her arms folded and a familiar, wry half-smile on her face. She was wearing white cotton from head to toe: a pair of stretchy pants and a sort of Flashdance -style off-the-shoulder top. She was dewy and freshly moisturized, her hair artfully mussed. She appeared so perfectly casual that it must have taken some time to achieve the look. There was no mistaking who was standing in front of us, but she seemed to be a miniature version of Barbra Streisand.

Her eyes were cooler, foxlike and piercing, not those of the lovable, eye-rolling Fanny Brice I had been hoping for. She looked really good at 54 years old. John kissed her on the cheek and introduced me. After shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries, she offered us a tour of her house. The house was traditional in style but Hollywood in proportion. It was filled with Colonial-style antiques and folk art, with girlie touches here and there. There was an antique teddy bear sitting on a lace doily on a spooled rocker.

In the dining room she stopped and flashed a finger over her shoulder at a huge painting. I remembered some advice that John had given me about running off at the mouth when I was nervous. Be mysterious; let people wonder.

Albertos First Haircut (I am a STAR Personalized Book Series 1) Albertos First Haircut (I am a STAR Personalized Book Series 1)
Albertos First Haircut (I am a STAR Personalized Book Series 1) Albertos First Haircut (I am a STAR Personalized Book Series 1)
Albertos First Haircut (I am a STAR Personalized Book Series 1) Albertos First Haircut (I am a STAR Personalized Book Series 1)
Albertos First Haircut (I am a STAR Personalized Book Series 1) Albertos First Haircut (I am a STAR Personalized Book Series 1)
Albertos First Haircut (I am a STAR Personalized Book Series 1) Albertos First Haircut (I am a STAR Personalized Book Series 1)
Albertos First Haircut (I am a STAR Personalized Book Series 1) Albertos First Haircut (I am a STAR Personalized Book Series 1)
Albertos First Haircut (I am a STAR Personalized Book Series 1) Albertos First Haircut (I am a STAR Personalized Book Series 1)

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