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Coe's family members took the stand, to claim that he could not be the rapist. Although Coe was then in his early 30s, working full-time and living with his girlfriend, his socialite mother testified he'd been with her or his father at the time of each of the dozens of attacks. What's more, Ruth Coe testified that Kevin was seen following buses because the pair had teamed up as a mother-and-son vigilante squad to catch the real rapist.

Ruth Coe: We went late at night when it was dark, oh, sometimes , 12, 1, 2, I think the latest we were ever out was about Then at sentencing, a bombshell: A psychiatrist who had been hired by the defense testified that Coe had confessed to one of the rapes. Later Coe would recant. He said he concocted the story thinking he'd be sentenced to a treatment center instead of prison, where he felt his life might be in danger. Matthews: He's a man who puts on a face on things and is perfectly comfortable tearing off one face and putting another face on -- even if they're mutually exclusive.

Whatever suits his needs is what works for him. In the end, when the Judge pronounced the sentence, Kevin Coe was ordered to serve life in prison plus 75 years. Kevin Coe was safely tucked away behind foot walls of concrete and rock, at Washington State Penitentiary.

But the Kevin Coe story would not end there. Because just months after his conviction, the Coe family would be in the news again. And this time it would be Coe's mother, socialite Ruth Coe, who would find herself in the headlines. It all started just months after her son's conviction, when police say she heard a friend joke about knowing someone in the mafia. McGougan: And Mrs. Coe took her aside and said, do you have friends in the mafia? I have somebody I would like eliminated. When Spokane police heard this, they had an officer pose as a hitman and contact Mrs.

The two soon met in this parking lot, where their every word was caught on tape. Undercover police: I understand from a friend of mine that you have a job that you need to be performed very discreetly. Remarkably, Kevin Coe's mother, the year-old former charm school teacher, was taped putting out a "hit" on the judge who'd sentenced her son to prison, George Shields, and the prosecutor in charge of the case, Donald Brockett. Coe: Well, uh, that judge, I'd like him gone, dead. And I'd like both of them dead really, except that with Brockett, I would love to see him just an addlepated vegetable that had to be cared for, that his family had to take care of the rest of his life.

Sara James: Did you think, can this get any stranger? I mean suddenly you've got the mom on trial? Matthews: I don't think so. I can't imagine how many twists and turns there could be in a story. It was amazing. Months later, in May , another sensational trial began. Prosecutors had Ruth Coe on tape.

What more proof would they need of Mrs. Coe's deadly intentions? But Ruth Coe pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Defense Attorneys argued that she was mentally ill. That she heard voices. No matter. Ruth Coe was convicted. But instead of prison, she was sentenced to serve just one year in a local jail and was even allowed out to attend community college. Matthews: It was amazing the big finish was, she got like a year of school release. For trying to hire somebody to kill a judge and a prosecutor.

And Ruth Coe's trial helped fuel the fires for the Coe family story truly to become national news. In , a true crime book was published and became a best-seller. Called "Son: A Psychopath and His Victims," it offered an exhaustive look at Kevin Coe's crimes and detailed the odd interaction -- what even looked to some like infatuation -- between mother and son. But what no one knew then was that while the book appeared to have been closed on the Coe family saga, there were new chapters yet to be written.

That's because in June , three years after Kevin Coe's trial, Washington's Supreme Court sent a jolt through the state by tossing out all of Coe's convictions. Chiefly, because before Coe became the prime suspect as the South Hill rapist, police had been desperate for clues, and had hypnotized many of the victims, hoping for any details of the rapist's identity.

Kevin Coe would be released from prison, freed on bail for nearly a year before his retrial would be held, across the state in Seattle. We the jury find the defendant, Kevin Coe, guilty of the crime of rape in the first degree Sara James: Did you still feel confident that Kevin Coe was going to be in prison for the rest of his natural life? But as it turned out, the hypnosis issue was a major problem for prosecutors. Three years later, Washington's Supreme Court threw out two of the three remaining rape convictions for the same reason.

Suspected of committing dozens of attacks, Kevin Coe was now serving 25 years for just one. And for decades, the conviction in Harmia's case has been the only thing that stood between Coe and freedom. Just months from the end of his prison sentence, Kevin Coe.. Sent to prison when he was 34, Coe had turned 40 behind bars, survived a knife attack that nearly killed him at 47, then turned 50, and was now nearly And with all but one of his original four convictions overturned, the man known as the South Hill Rapist had served all but a few months of his sentence: 25 years.

Kevin Coe: To talk about the truth. The facts.

Limerick man (23) gets eight years for shooting man dead

The evidence in the case. My side of the case has really never been heard, 25 years into the case. Coe: Neither the physical evidence nor the identification evidence matches me at all. They have the wrong person. They have had for 25 years. Coe: Absolutely. I'm not the South Hill Rapist. I'm not a rapist. I'm not a criminal of any kind. I'm an innocent person, the facts prove it. The evidence proves it. Despite a half-dozen victims identifying Coe as their rapist, and Coe himself confessing to one rape to a psychiatrist in , in the two-and-a-half decades since, Coe has maintained his innocence.

Never once attending a prison counseling session. Amazingly, never even applying for parole. Coe: Parole hearings? Oh, no, no, no, no. They won't let you go unless you admit guilt. I'm not going to admit guilt. I did nothing wrong. I have been appealing this case for 25 straight years. There was no point at which I was going to go the parole board and say, oh yeah, and let me out. In fact, all these years later, Coe still claimed to have an alibi for each attack, an alibi his socialite mother testified to, under oath, 25 years before.

Coe: Oh, yeah. I was with my parents, both, or just my mother or just my dad. At the time of every single one of those. And for the woman who provided him with an alibi, Coe even today comes to his mother's defense. Charging that her conviction for putting out a hit on those who sent him to prison, prosecutor Donald Brockett and Judge George Shields, was a travesty.

Coe: Did she hate Brockett? Oh, yeah. To the day she died, did she hate Shields? Oh yes.

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To the day she died, they were evil people in her mind. And she was right, but I'm saying to you she never went out looking for a hit man she fell into their trap! Sara James: Why would an innocent woman do this!? Say she wants to turn the prosecutor into a vegetable? Why do that if you don't want to kill him? But now, as we were sitting down with him, Kevin Coe -- one of the most infamous criminals in Washington State history -- was due to be released, free and clear, in just 90 days.

It was a fact he claimed hardly to have considered. Sara James: You haven't allowed yourself to think about the first time you go out to have dinner, or the first time Coe: Have dinner where? Who's gonna pay for it? I have no money no car, no wardrobe, no job skills. A convicted felon, forget about it. What can you do? Your life is over. You couldn't start over at 19 with all those things going against you, let alone It's preposterous!

He might be asking for pity, but as Coe's release date approached, that wasn't the feeling in Spokane, where a nervous twitch that hadn't been felt in decades began creeping in once again. Coe had served his time. Paid his debt. But that twitch, 28 years after her rape, Shelly Monahan still felt it. Shelley: No I don't think he should get out. I don't think he should ever get out. Even more worried was Julia Harmia, whose rape case was the only one Coe was still serving time for.

Harmia: You try to do normal things so that it doesn't consume you. But certainly all of the terror comes right back to this day, I have visions of him climbing into the tree in my backyard and being able to look through the window at me.

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Be intentional and take the journey. Start with this 31 days of prayer book. What's on Your Mind? W Tickner A terrarium world forged by an alien. A rogue hero who must break free and a giant alien to kill.

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The Kayayo girls belong to two main tribal groups and generally inhabit distinct zones of the capital, Accra. The shanty-towns where they live are very dangerous areas, full of criminals, drug dealers and violence. Most of my research had to Why did you choose to self-publish? After this experience mobile phone screen. I realized authors girls trudged the streets as human could have just as much success in selfmules carrying goods for others.

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They are from the natural and mythological worlds and they guide him through the fates towards his destiny. A formidable destiny it is to overcome the crashing and burning of the phoenix and the conflagration of the earth. The story is illustrated accurately with eighty vividly animated depictions of the interacting characters and their constantly changing world.

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The reader will be taken on a non-stop physical journey which will visually and intellectually develop into a mythological end result. As Dr. The novel highlights the various forms of oppression faced by women in London and India. It lightly exposes the fact that racism in the judicial system in England and corruption in the Pakistan and Indian judicial does exist. You turn a corner, you close a window, you miss meeting the love of your life by failing to look over your shoulder — and worlds change for generation upon generation.

The plot of The Osier Banks rides a theme rarely explored in mainstream adult fiction: the quirks and accidents that forge, colour and deliver our perception of reality. In this complex yet highly readable novel, our two main characters male and female versions of the same person are forced to confront further variations of themselves, their home, everyone they know — with disastrous consequences for one of them. From an author more commonly associated with award-winning books for young people, this , word adult novel is an eminently satisfying tale of chance, reality and what-might-be.

The author defies the reader to predict the ending. Pembroke College, Cambridge. Peter Green and his friends Jack big, dangerous and Casey small, sinister face final examinations in English. Keen, they discuss their literary ideas. Peter, whose main study-aid is sexual pleasure, discards lissom Arabella, one of his two girlfriends. Competitive exams apparently subvert left-wing ideals.

Peter alienates a don, Haggerty. Sussex University. Jack, tricked by Haggerty, lectures there. Peter quarrels with radical students. Hospitals in and around London. Peter undergoes intimate examinations. Death makes incursions. Now what use is the study of literature? This ironic novel, using real exam-papers and real medical reports, depicts the conflict between mind and body. It is aimed particularly at students studying English Literature, and at their teachers. Marooned in a parallel universe in war-torn Lebanon, James Pollack finds a mysterious time-travelling medallion.

Meanwhile, some fifty years in the future, his companions and former lover fight to stay alive. Earth has changed. The landscape is dangerous and genetic mutations have wiped out the male species. Will James be able to get his female companions safely home? Forces of Retribution is the second book in the Tego Arcana Dei series which follows the hero James Pollack, from a war in Lebanon in to the mysteries of the Pyramids in Egypt.

In this story, two of the female characters from the first book, Virginia and the Russian Natasha, are trying to return home. They are joined by Alexei, who finds she is pregnant in a strange and unfriendly world. I begin the story as a soldier on the Security Team of the Interspace starship, the I. This was a supplies grain ship that had been converted to a war vessel, as there was a severe shortage of space battle cruisers on Earth. That is because we were losing the space war, right up until two years ago Love and romance blossom and flourish on the Naiobi colonies.

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  • Joanna Ray has written a space epic saga full of adventure, humour and romance in the 24th century. Narrated by Joe Marsh, a human security officer aboard the human star ship McBride, the story lurches from war, hatred and bitterness between the antagonists to peace at last. One of the Good Guys is the fourth in the Sikharan series following alien warriors who are on the side of Earth in the seemingly mandatory galactic space war.

    Martin, A Clash of Kings For enquiries about any of the highlighted titles, email info iprlicense. The Enclosures Act of has thrust the Hills into poverty and sees everyone in need of food, clothes and boots. The novel addresses all the problems which faced rural villages in , including the horror of landlessness, the price of food and the threat of starvation. Mrs McKeiver, traditional herbalist, midwife and healer, has lived there for twenty years and observes as the once settled, rural community is rocked to its core.

    After four years of landlessness, she manages to get more organised help for desperately poor families. But the Parish House has problems of the worst kind — with a heartless overseer, its women and orphaned children need her help. How can Mrs McKeiver increase her paltry income? Will she have to marry again, to feed herself and her crippled, adult son? And if so, to whom? There are two pregnant women living at the Parish House. One baby dies, which Mrs McKeiver suspects is the fault of the Overseer, who delivered and, she thinks, fathered it. The Parish House is set ablaze, potentially burning his recorded misdeeds.

    Could the local outbreak of small pox be the last straw? This is the final book of a trilogy covering the pregnancy and life in the Hills. Book cover art credit goes to Elizabeth Carr. This is second book of a trilogy covering the pregnancy and life in the Hills. In the third of the Mrs McKeiver series, events move speedily. Those who had sinned against her women receive their just desserts. How tired she is!

    Logan is becoming used to pregnant and breastfeeding women being lodgers. The New Year starts quietly, but sees a man killed accidentally by his own brother. The novel looks at Jesus as a human being with a mission. It explores his life and work using ancient sources, but modern insights. You will not find the comfortable figure you learnt about in church and school RE lessons. The story follows the familiar course, but uses an unfamiliar route — causing surprise, new understanding and further questions. This man struggles against a corrupt and dictatorial local government, supported by foreign oppression, as we follow his attempts to feel his way through the minefield of Jewish and Roman politics in first century Palestine.

    He shares our doubts and fears, and struggles to find a meaning to his life and work, while facing apparent failure in his main task. It is a very radical rewriting of the ancient story. Eight years later, they come together again, only to be torn apart once more, and then finally reunited. We learn of the fascinating politics of this dynasty and the means of recruitment to dynastic service. Walter Crofter was born into Elizabethan England. In a country and a time where favor and politics were both deadly, can an honest boy stay true to himself?

    Especially given his family background? An Englishman by birth, Walter has lived a full and honourable life spanning 67 years from the late 16th century to the midth century, a time when great ships roamed the seas from port to port. From his humble beginnings to his brilliant business sense, Walter has an amazing story to tell! The young boy who went to sea became an honoured seaman, found his greatest love, worked to prove himself worthy of her, met royalty, fought pirates, lived through the loss of a child at the hands of one of his greatest foes and was forced to face the hatred of his own brother.

    From his greatest moments to his bleakest hour, Walter leaves nothing unsaid, no emotion is spared! Set in provincial Australia in the early sixties, Rain is a multigenerational family saga that chronicles the lives of three generations of the Wallin sawmilling dynasty. It explores the often difficult but enduring ties between mothers and daughters, men and women: the sacrifices, compromises, and patterns of emotion that repeat themselves through generations.

    Winner of the National Indie Excellence Awards Literary Fiction By turn dark and amusing, Rain delivers an emotionally charged Second place in the Independent revelation about love, loss, guilt, self-discovery and redemption. Worldwide Rights Available This family saga set in Yorkshire and northern Spain, begins in the mids.

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    Through an act of deceit and the subsequent revenge, two families, one English and one Spanish, become entangled, suffering the consequences of a lie. How am I supposed to cope with that? Their father has been killed at Dunkirk and their mother goes into hospital to have her fourth child, leaving the children with a neighbour. In one of the worst bombing raids of the war, their home is destroyed and the neighbour is killed. Bewildered and frightened, the children wander the streets until they are taken in by some nuns. But their problems are not over; no-one can trace their mother and, labelled as orphans, they are sent as child migrants to Australia.

    The novel traces their adventures in their new country, the homesickness, the heartbreak when Billy is separated from his sisters and the loneliness of life in a cold and unfeeling orphanage. Eventually, the children make new lives for themselves, but Maggie is still convinced that her mother is alive and once she is old enough, begins to search for her. Mags has struggled nearly all her life with heart disease. After she gives birth her health deteriorates, necessitating a transplant. She is given a vast array of medication to take daily.

    When her doctor changes some of her medication she starts having a frightening recurring dream. In addition, she finds she has developed an interest in the game of rugby, and that her tastes in food have changed. Then the dream moves along and she finds herself not only an eye-witness to a murder, but also a victim.

    Worldwide Rights Available You know how you have a day when nothing goes right? The traffic holds you up, makes you late for work, you snag your tights then you get caught in the rain? Well for Annie, a struggling single mum, and her family it is just the opposite — it seems nothing can go wrong. Not just one day, either.

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    It all seems too good to be true, to Annie. Meanwhile her neighbours, both to the side and behind her, have some surprisingly good fortune of their own. Worldwide Rights Available Amy, a lonely thirty-something year old, decides that enough is enough. Sick and tired of being on her own, with no money, no friends and more importantly no love life, she reflects back on her years spent at sea.

    But A Dream (Southhill Sagas Book 3) But A Dream (Southhill Sagas Book 3)
    But A Dream (Southhill Sagas Book 3) But A Dream (Southhill Sagas Book 3)
    But A Dream (Southhill Sagas Book 3) But A Dream (Southhill Sagas Book 3)
    But A Dream (Southhill Sagas Book 3) But A Dream (Southhill Sagas Book 3)
    But A Dream (Southhill Sagas Book 3) But A Dream (Southhill Sagas Book 3)
    But A Dream (Southhill Sagas Book 3) But A Dream (Southhill Sagas Book 3)
    But A Dream (Southhill Sagas Book 3) But A Dream (Southhill Sagas Book 3)
    But A Dream (Southhill Sagas Book 3) But A Dream (Southhill Sagas Book 3)

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