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West and central Asia: 500 B.C.E.-1980 C.E.

Washington can't organize anti-Iranian coalition. S missile system arrived in Turkey.

Viewing history through the Daesh kaleidoscope

INF Treaty suspended in Russia. Cyber Command attacked Russia. Palestinians protest as Jews allowed on Temple Mount. Japanese and Russian FM discuss possible visa-free travel. See also. Petersburg metro bombing must be Will Russia Save the West Again?

The Ideology Is Not The Movement

Or Just Will Save the Vladimir Putin has banned the production of GMO products in In Deir Ezzor you rise the cross. The Syrian war was immediately a carnage of ethnic groups and peoples. Most of the so-called "rebels" have always been made up of foreign jihadist Towards a Social and Humanitarian Eurasian Union. Any form of cooperation is governed by regulations, laws, and agreements between the involved parties.

Therefore, it is first and foremost necessary Ukrainization of Orthodoxy. The revolution was a de-facto declaration of war on pretty much every other country, and Iranian authorities have realized that such a war just can't be won. While this does not mean that Iran has stopped being a threat to the free world, it does mean that it realized it needs to negotiate with this world.

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Letting women watch the World Cup games is a small, but good place to start. As I'm writing this, three people suspected of planning a terrorist attack were arrested in Beirut. Their leader is said to be a French national of Arab heritage.

Viewing history through the Daesh kaleidoscope

There's quite a bit of irony here, since immigrants from Arab world have allowed themselves to engage in violent behavior all over Europe, while the citizens and leaders in the Arab world have watched with satisfaction how western liberalism prevents European countries from doing anything about it, or even treat it It didn't occur to them that the problem will come back to knock on their door — that the Muslim youth of Europe will feel equally at home causing trouble in Muslim countries as it does in European countries.

Even so, it's unrealistic to expect that Arab countries will start educating their youth about why violence and terrorism are not legitimate means to achieve political or any other kind of ends. But it's high time European countries will start realizing that they need to deal with this problem. My book, Caliph 2. I've been posting a lot about the negative aspects of the online world, so now it's time for some good news. The Wall Street Journal reports that while cash is still the most common payment method in the Arab world, e-commerce keeps growing fast.

Why is this good news? Because unlike online discussions on social networks, it carries weight. It doesn't take much effort to get people to the streets and set things on fire through online platforms; you don't even have to tell t Money transfers through online deals, on the other hand, not only leave traces but carries certain amount of credibility.

The home of Caliph & Emir and LIRE.

People have to put their money where their mouth is. Using online platforms for e-commerce purposes is the opposite from using them to encourage terrorism, not just because of goals, but also because of the mentality: terrorism aims at destabilizing, at being on a constant move. E-commerce aims at keeping things stable, and for the most part also peaceful: violence tends to be bad for civilian economy.

This is nothing new and should not be a surprise to anyone who follows news from the region. But the case of L7a9ed is yet another example of an Arab country that allows itself to ignore basic rights as free speech when In this case, Morocco is an important strategic ally of the United States, who wishes to guard its interest in North Africa — and will most certainly not put these interests in danger for something minor like a musician going to prison because of his music.

As I noted in previous posts, this is a very short-sighted view of what the free world's interests are, and will likely get the free world in trouble in the long run.

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The recent retirement of TV host Jay Leno brought back memories of the time he was at the height of his popularity, and it was argued that young people who didn't have much patience for watching the news learned most of what they know from watching his show. An interestingly similar phenomenon occurs in the Arab world, where recent surveys show that young people rely on social networks as a source for news, rather than the traditional print and broadcast media. There is, of In contrast, most of the traditional media in the Arab world is a propaganda machine for totalitarian regimes.

No wonder young people there turn to alternative online sources once these become available.

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  4. Is it a better alternative? Is it an ideal one? Not really.

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    The Arab world has largely skipped the crucial mid-stage of having a good, solid and independent media that demonstrates democratic standards to the anarchy of social media where everything is permitted. Social media is every bit as unreliable as the traditional propaganda-media that Arab youth have absorbed so far: it's a tool for spreading rumors, lies, and provoking violence. My novel, Caliph 2. I have written in previous posts about the lack of free speech in Arab countries, and the problem has made headlines yet again.

    A group of experts from different Arab countries who met at a workshop in Beirut recently, has called on Arab governments to rethink their strict policies on free speech in the media.

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    However at the same time a recent survey taken among residents of different Arab countries has indicated that while many of them admitted to watching foreign films, th Some of the respondents even supported censorship. In the digital age, censorship over content is pointless, but the conflicting sentiments reflected by the survey show that until the citizens of the Arab world are able to express themselves and think freely, any legal changes in censorship policies will be pointless.

    In free societies, Art isn't just about entertainment it is also about challenging worldviews through it might sometimes be uncomfortable. This is hardly news, but the alarming aspect of it is again the discovery of the countries that proudly lead persecution, among them Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates and Egypt — all of them countries that are strongly supported by the west.

    Members of the LGBT community are in a very good company with wome And even when they don't, the west gives its Arab allies a pass, because it fears things will only get worse without the presence of its allies in power. Well, here's a newsflash: things will get worse regardless.

    Those who feel they can abuse gays, women, and religious minorities in their own countries without answering to anyone will sooner or later feel they can practice the same behavior throughout the rest of the world. An article on the website of 'Threat Post' argues that the so called "Cyber Terrorism" phenomenon is hardly as dangerous as people think. While terrorists may not use the internet to disrupt the actual platform itself The fact that Hayden didn't refer to this kind of terrorism — and perhaps didn't even think about it as example — sends a dangerous message that the agencies in charge of defending the free world have given up on fighting this "conventional" kind of internet violence, which can have consequences that are no less lethal than the official definition of cyber terrorism.

    Writing for the Al Jazeera website, columnist Rachel Shabi performs an astonishing exercise in self-denial. In her column, Shabi argues that sectarian violence in the Arab world is the result of an evil western conspiracy, going all the way from the days of European colonialism to the current coverage of the region by US media.

    Without noticing, Shabi expresses the same patronizing attitude that the west has always been accused of in its treatment of the Arab world: surely,

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