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All these seemingly unrelated questions led to a clearer picture of what was happening. This wonderful doctor gave me a name which would finally explain a life lived in peaks and valleys: Bipolar Disorder. While talking with him about this illness, I realized that I had experienced a lifetime of both manic and depressive episodes; though to be honest, the depression was more frequent and lasted longer. Even after my initial diagnosis, I still found it rather difficult to maintain any semblance of balance.

The reason my disorder was so hard to get under control was because each time I got depressed, I would romanticize my manic episodes.

11 Ways to Support Someone During Mania

This time, I knew better. The mania felt like a drug and when I was most sad, I missed the high. I know it might seem strange to say but the only way I could begin this new journey was by allowing myself time to grieve the loss of my manias.

That kind of madness can be intoxicating. I needed a minute to say good-bye. Then, as quickly as possible, I made tracks, putting as much distance as I could between myself and that part of my illness. After a few awkward blind dates with random psychiatrists, true wellness began to find its way into my life under the care of my current doctor. This began the next stage of my journey: medical continuity. I needed to be able to track my episodes of depression and mania.

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I needed my medical history and current treatment plan in one place. He was right.

For me, being sick required very little effort; getting well was another animal altogether. Following a treatment plan is where the real work begins. Building a care team is just as important as finding a doctor: this means a therapist, a general practitioner and, when possible, a support system of friends and family.

Bipolar disorder can be treated, but in my case, it is never very far away. Anonymous April 4, Lwacherokee October 6, Anonymous September 25, Nosoupforyou August 4, Anonymous April 13, Anonymous July 31, Anonymous April 6, Drug Status Rx. Availability Prescription only. Drug Class.

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My Mania
My Mania
My Mania
My Mania
My Mania
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