Selling Collectibles on eBay (Digital Short Cut)

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Working Around eBay's Digital Download Rules

The shipping calculator will walk you through your options and help you determine what is best. You must decide if you want to accept returns. This would be a good idea if you are a mass seller or have a big inventory of a certain product. I do not accept returns and state in my description that all sales are final. This have never been an issue in my entire Ebay history. I use my PayPal address to receive payment, but there are other options available. You are almost to the finish line!

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Here you can review your listing and see what it would like published. You are able to edit your product and makes changes. Tip — you can still edit or revise your item after is has been published.

Why does eBay have this policy?

Mistakes happen and you won't be penalized! The overall process to list an item on Ebay can seem daunting. When creating a brand new listing, it can take around 15 — 20 minutes to list a product. Once you become more efficient in the process, you can list a product in a much shorter amount of time! One of my favorite things about selling on Ebay as you can reuse one of your selling templates. For example, let's say you list a short sleeved shirt on Ebay, but have another one you would like to sell.

Ebay will ask you at the start of the selling process if you would like to sell a similar item. By clicking yes, the majority of the listing will already be filled out for you. You will simply need to change the title, description and photos. This process will take me under 10 minutes to sell a different item. While the learning process to use Ebay can seem a little challenging at first, overall it has been worth the time and investment.

I hope this tutorial on how to sell stuff on ebay can help you make some money! She teaches others how to start a blog and how to side hustle. Click here to learn more! Hi, I'm Kristin!

Electronically delivered items policy

I help women side hustle, budget and plan for all the small and big things in life. Full time blogger of 4 years. Pinterest marketing expert for 3 years. Basically I love doing all the things!

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Figuring out shipping definitely gets easier with time. I try to attend a few local auctions for cheap finds I can turn around and sell for extra money as well as get rid of my own stuff. It does take some time though. I wish I had time for that, and people can make a lot of money doing that! I keep saying how I want to get started with selling clothes on eBay but I need to take it one step at a time and work out some kinks on my blog first before I jump into that. But cleaning out my closet and knowing I can make money from my closet has been worth it!

Like you, my husband has been selling stuff on Ebay for years I think 10 years now , and he is really good at it. I love selling on Ebay! What did we ever do without flat rate boxes? I used to sell on ebay too way back in the day and it was great but it was a pain in the butt having to ship everything super fast so I could get good feedback. I think the shipping may deter a lot of people from selling stuff but if done properly, you can definitely make a killing on ebay.

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  6. I did some selling on eBay a few years ago. It was a nice way to make some extra — if not a lot of — money. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. This post may contain affiliate links.

    Best Online Auction Sites - Features, Fees and Listing Options | Top Ten Reviews

    Please read my disclosure for more information. Never miss another blog post. You receive your own admin panel for managing and posting your items with ease. Once someone buys a book or music clip from you, they can access the files on their Lazada dashboard.


    There are also no commission fees. The Apple iTunes store has books, music, apps, videos and more. The iTunes Connect program is your best bet when selling books, music and apps, since it guides you through the free application processes. Keep in mind that each form of media requires a unique application. The stats are great through iTunes, and you receive access to any consumer with an Apple product. Sellers who are familiar with Apple products, since the backend configuration is similar. We all know eBay as that wonderful place for buying and selling just about anything you can get your hands on.

    Easiest things to sell on eBay

    Rakuten is quickly becoming the go-to eCommerce marketplace for a variety of businesses — small and large — with special emphasis on home and outdoor, clothing and accessories, and more. Udemy is your hub for selling video courses. If you possess knowledge in a particular field and want to create some videos to sell to other people, this is the spot for you. Kareen Friedman August 28, Source: Scrapehero.

    He's Making A Full Time Income Selling Disney Items on eBay

    On Walmart, you can sell anything from tax software to music downloads, and more. Who is this marketplace best for?

    Gumroad Gumroad lets you sell audio clips, eBooks and videos with the click of a button, and even offer rentals for your music or videos that includes unlimited bandwidth and payments are just 3. AliExpress AliExpress, as part of the Alibaba group, is an online retail service made up of small businesses in China and Asia. Lazada Lazada is similar to Amazon, yet it focuses on selling items from people located in Southeast Asia and has the highest number of average monthly visits , at Anyone with digital files can sell on eBay since there are no restrictions.

    Selling Collectibles on eBay (Digital Short Cut) Selling Collectibles on eBay (Digital Short Cut)
    Selling Collectibles on eBay (Digital Short Cut) Selling Collectibles on eBay (Digital Short Cut)
    Selling Collectibles on eBay (Digital Short Cut) Selling Collectibles on eBay (Digital Short Cut)
    Selling Collectibles on eBay (Digital Short Cut) Selling Collectibles on eBay (Digital Short Cut)
    Selling Collectibles on eBay (Digital Short Cut) Selling Collectibles on eBay (Digital Short Cut)
    Selling Collectibles on eBay (Digital Short Cut) Selling Collectibles on eBay (Digital Short Cut)
    Selling Collectibles on eBay (Digital Short Cut) Selling Collectibles on eBay (Digital Short Cut)

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