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Legends Untold: The Great Sewers Novice Set Legends Untold is a co-operative card based adventure game for players 4 players in the basic box, more with the expansion. Intelligent game mechanics that rely on the Party working together to overcome foes, traps, Obstacles, barriers, NPCs and more. Scout the depths of the Caves with more environments to come! Uses 3 six sided dice to resolve tests, but more importantly the entire Party working together. Multiple ways to defeat each obstacle, barrier or trap with different rewards for each.

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Use your talents and equipment and work as a team. You could have been an excellent beekeeper, but it turns out you are deathly allergic to bee stings, which makes you very sad. Getting back to the tokens, they serve a very important function — once you run out of questions or action tokens, your group is done with the scene and must move on!

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Untold also wants to encourage every player to actively participate in the game. Aside from the common question and action tokens, you also get a very limited set of tokens for your own personal use. Of course, you can interject, propose flashbacks, and do anything else you want within the bounds of group permission. The tokens simply provide a way for the group to insure that everyone has room to contribute. Well, they can only do so here if they have the tokens for it! As a final failsafe, each player gets a card with a play button on one side and a pause on the other.

I love this game.

Anyone who has followed my written and podcast reviews knows that I love theme, narrative and story. If a game gets my imagination going, I am very prone to liking it, no matter what style of game it happens to be — wargame, Euro, worker placement, or whatever else. The game elements of Untold accomplish, in essence, two main goals: they keep things moving, and they keep everyone involved. Further, they do so while still maintaining an open imaginative sandbox for players to play in.

His DMing is fast, he makes sure everyone has a chance to do their thing, and they finish adventures in a reasonable amount of time. Untold does the same thing, but through game mechanisms that feel organic and not stifling. In addition, I can see the potential for alternative story cards that provide different narrative structures. Shakespearean plays follow a different structure.

Good-looking games for intelligent players.

The climax often happens closer to the middle of the story, rather than at the end. Heck, why stop at story telling?

You could probably release cards that help you write a five line poem. All of that is a bit beyond the current game. I wish they had included more ways to vary game play in the basic rules different narrative structures, or suggestions for higher player counts. I love this game, full stop.

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You have to like these kinds of experiences which I clearly do , or Untold has nothing for you. Also, Untold does not guarantee a great story — after all, that is dependent on your group. However, Untold gives you every tool you might need to come up with something fun. This game has earned a permanent place in my collection. Time to hunt down more Story Cubes….

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Legends Untold: The Great Sewers Novice Set (Inglés)

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    The Great Adventure Untold The Great Adventure Untold
    The Great Adventure Untold The Great Adventure Untold
    The Great Adventure Untold The Great Adventure Untold
    The Great Adventure Untold The Great Adventure Untold
    The Great Adventure Untold The Great Adventure Untold

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