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When officers with the island's defence force cut the shark open, they found the right leg, two severed arms and a severed torso. One of Mr Newton's friends, Samuel Woodside, 37, said he was surprised when he heard police say Mr Newton probably drowned. Mr Newton was not married and did not have children, but he left behind his mother and a brother, Mr Woodside said. I had a first generation Kindle and I literally burned up the battery playing audiobook non stop when I found the text to speech option! I now have a Samsung tablet and it has text to speech but it nothing like my old Kindle!

So I joined audible. This story was so good because it didn't come right out and tell you which carracters were entities and I had to make a lot of notes and re-read it to fully understand it. So when it became available in audible I didn't hesitate to buy it. The narrator just doesn't fit I was disappointed big time! I went back and read it myself! The text to speech on my Kindle was better than the professional narrator! I'm not going to return it But if I had not already heard the book on my Kindle I would not have been able to listen to the narrator ruin s such a good book!!!!

To anyone else who bought this book and didn't like it, try reading it without the narration! You might like it as much as I did. Seriously, no man should be so obsessed with his scrotum that it seems to be mentioned in almost every chapter. A good editor, a dozen more rewrites and better narrator and you might be on to something, but this was twenty hours of annoyance and regret. This absolutely breaks my heart. This narrator is horrible.

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Bray is the man. This guy is horrible, maybe this is just the audio equivalent to drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth- going from R. Bray to this clown. It has been a struggle trying to pay attention to the story cause I'm so annoyed and distracted by the reader. I'm still trying to fight through it but its just not an enjoyable experience. I was so excited to have something new from this author cause he is amazing only to have the wind sucked out of my sails.

Another reviewer says that the narrators voice eventually grows on you, well, I'm ten chapters in and i'm still grinding my teeth the whole way through. He sounds like a male version of Siri- emotionless and robotic. I think I may have to return this audio book and just read this one for myself. Potentially great book ruined by a crappy narrator, what a shame. But it really does pay off in the end.

I'd like to hear more about the characters remaining and the 'others'. I'm a big fan of Keith Blackmore. This may well be a good book, however, the narrator is absolutely atrocious. I gave it a few chapters thinking maybe he would grow on me. It's like listening to a book read by the Microsoft robot voice. Skip the Audible version and get this one on Kindle.

I don't know if maybe I need more time to reflect on it and maybe it will grow on me. But starting out with the mountain man series and prequel, then this being my next Keith C.

Blackmore book, I must say that the mountain man series was a bit of a masterpiece and this one is a unique intriguing enough story but it felt like it's kind of Canada's version of Kevin Smith's Dogma or something. The humor was great and the characters were interesting enough. Big fan of Keith C. Blackmore but the narrator actually made this impossible to listen to. I love audible books and I never thought I would come across such a bad narration.

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I wished I had sampled the book I'll never finish If this had been the first audible book I ever listened to I would have never tried another one. I know these are harsh words, in fact, it's my only negative review. I though all the reviews about the narration were being negative I was wrong I love the author the narrator ruined this one. Keith C Blackmore is a fantastic writer. I just cannot listen to this person, im sure the story is great but ill never know. Keith, if you are reading this please get this book re narrated by a professional such as R C Bray. I managed to get through one chapter of this guys irritating voice.

Audible please ask RC Bray to record this book as he is by far the best narrator.

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As soon as I started listening to this I felt irritated and amazed that they had chosen this narrator. The way it is performed is so irritating that it beggars belief. I've managed to persevere up to chapter 8 but just cant take it anymore.

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The story itself seems to be quite interesting but I just cant continue listening Im afraid. KCB is the complete nuts as usual , a fantastic writer and has written another bloody great story I just hope one day he visits England so I can buy him a pint!!!! I know a lot of the other reviewers are less than complimentary about the narrator and I know what they mean but give him a chance.

I started listening to this straight after listening to mountain man and it's a bit of a shocker to go from RC Bray to PJ Ochlan. The thing is the longer you listen the more you get pulled in to this truely great story and Mr. Ochlan style of narration.

Really give it a try. I read several negative reviews centred towards the narrator however ignoring these in favour of what appeared to be an interesting story and being willing to accept narration that differed from the great RC Bray, I decided to chance my arm. I wit certainty seek out additional work by both the narrator and author.

The Missing Boatman

As an aside I might add that I listen at speed x1. An interesting idea apparently written by a 15 year old virgin completely devoid of intelligence. The basic idea is actually quite nice, but the whole book should have been no longer than hours, NOT At the beginning I didn't mind that much, but after the 6th hour or so, I couldn't stand any more of the " sec pause Advertising much?

Look, I've got over a hundred audio books and narrators make or break the experience for me to the point that I will listen even to a bad story.. Get this audiobook. Stick with it. I read the reviews and were really pur off but people said stick with it. It's a solid story, but I found the reading had a robotic voice and long pauses which caused it to be hard to listen to at first. I struggled my way through this and it nearly killed me! Invest in something enjoyable. I don't know if the story was any good, as I didn't like the narration, I couldn't get past the 2nd chapter.

The concept had promise but each plot thread ended cheaply! The end wrap up was uninspired and cliche. I have listened to all of Mr. Blackmore's books and have enjoyed them all. This one, however, was different. I liked the story itself, but the narrator's speech patterns were annoying. In fact, I nearly stopped listening after the first ten minutes.

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  • Because I've liked all Blackmore's previous books, I did stick with it, though. After a while, I became more used to the narrator's poor reading style. If this had been read by someone like R.

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    Bray, it would be five stars all around. Mr Newton was not married and did not have children, but he left behind his mother and a brother, Mr Woodside said.

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    The beach near where Mr Newton was last seen is located on the small island where the shark-terror sequel film Jaws: The Revenge was partially filmed. The capital, Nassau, is also on the island. By PA Reporters Puppetry fans from around the UK and beyond have descended on a picturesque North Yorkshire market town for its popular puppet festival. Sign Up. Remains in shark 'missing boatman' Human remains found in the belly of a shark are probably those of a man who disappeared from a boat, police in the Bahamas said.

    September 15 PM.

    The Missing Boatman — a book by Keith C. Blackmore

    It is unclear if the year-old was alive when he was eaten. Mr Newton went on a boating trip with friends off Jaws Beach on New Providence Island on August 29 and encountered engine trouble Rescuers who responded to a call for help found three men on board who said that Mr Newton and a friend jumped into the water to try to swim back to shore. The Daily Digest Today's news headlines, directly to your inbox every morning.

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    The Missing Boatman The Missing Boatman
    The Missing Boatman The Missing Boatman
    The Missing Boatman The Missing Boatman
    The Missing Boatman The Missing Boatman
    The Missing Boatman The Missing Boatman
    The Missing Boatman The Missing Boatman
    The Missing Boatman The Missing Boatman

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