The One - Poems from a new beginning

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At the beginning? At the middle?

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At the end? Because end can happen at any time, the beginning of the road can be the end of the road as well. Or maybe the middle is the end! Besides, since everything is possible in this universe, end of the road may also disappear; end may turn into the endless!

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Keep the real end in mind and mind how to get to the real end successfully! Because in the end each end is also a beginning.

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I had gone from losing one of the most important people in my life and then losing someone I loved a month later. I wrapped myself in people, in lust, in the idea of love.

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I met him and I met a gentlemen, and when I found out who he truly was, I was still in love with the gentleman and justified all of his actions. We will leave this earth with unfinished business. Regardless of the outcome of this writing project, I toyed with it long enough. I reconnoitered the world of fantasy and reality, manipulated ideas into sentences, and linked sentences into paragraphs.

I peered into the past, weighed the present, and calculated the ramifications of living to experience the future. Your tax-deductible donation made to LARB by pm, December 31, will be doubled thanks to an anonymous donor. Somehow, among all of this, a renaissance in poetry has ignited.

The scope is unprecedented: new publishing houses and journals, free public readings, wide digital proliferation, graffiti. Wright said, and this anthology of innovative, discordant voices is proof enough — an anti-chorus singing itself into the world. There are no uniform allegiances in these pages, no traceable aesthetics.

Some poems force you to flip the book on its side; many are presented with varied columns, margins, and spacing. Chloe Haralambous , who works in English, Greek, and Norwegian. The poets here are worldly, but they all write in Greek. Especially of note is the radical poet Jazra Khaleed, who has introduced the work of Amiri Baraka to Greek readership.

It is exciting to see the original Greek presented alongside the translations, so we can discern the formal challenges and strategies used to bring the poems to English; often, the translators do as much formal footwork as the poets themselves. Chloe Haralambous , where the long lines of a single stanza in the Greek are trimmed and broken into rhyming ballad quatrains in the English.

Beginnings And Endings Quotes (55 quotes)

Powerful and thought provoking. Blessings to all. Whoa, never thought of beginnings in that way. Name required. Mail hidden required. Yewtree on 21 Oct at am.

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New Beginnings for the New Year

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The One - Poems from a new beginning The One - Poems from a new beginning
The One - Poems from a new beginning The One - Poems from a new beginning
The One - Poems from a new beginning The One - Poems from a new beginning
The One - Poems from a new beginning The One - Poems from a new beginning
The One - Poems from a new beginning The One - Poems from a new beginning

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