Who Was Jackie Doo-Boy?

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Juliet Evancho was born Jacob Evancho. In her Teen Vogue essay , Juliet wrote that her father took the news that she had gender-dysphoria the hardest. He tried to hide it, but I could tell. He was, after all, losing his oldest son. Not even my best friends knew the real me. Everyone just assumed I was a feminine gay boy. After that, Juliet went to a therapist for two years and dealt with depression. When she turned 17, she gathered her extended family together for a pool party to announce that she is transgender.

Juliet wrote that she understands how lucky she is to have a supportive family. She still has faith in God and knows that she also has to share her story. In May , Juliet and her father, Michael Evancho, were interviewed by KDKA in Pittsburgh after debates about transgender people using bathrooms at schools that do not match the gender on their birth certificate.

According to KDKA , the current bathroom rule for the Pine-Richland School District, where Juliet is a high school senior, allows students to use bathrooms that match the gender they identify with. On February 27, , The Associated Press reported that a federal judge ruled that Juliet and two other transcgender students can use the bathrooms that match their gender identity. District Judge Mark Hornak wrote. Views 0 Shares. By Daniel S. Jackie Wilson's stagecraft in his live shows inspired James Brown , Michael Jackson [15] and Elvis Presley , as well as a host of other artists that followed.

Presley was so impressed with Wilson that he made it a point to meet him, and the two instantly became good friends. In a photo of the two posing together, Presley's caption in the autograph reads "You got you a friend for life".

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Wilson was sometimes called "The Black Elvis". Wilson's powerful, electrifying live performances rarely failed to bring audiences to a state of frenzy. Wilson often said "if I get the ugliest girl in the audience to come up and kiss me, they'll all think they can have me and keep coming back and buying my records. His only movie appearance was in the rock and roll film Go, Johnny, Go! Jackie Wilson scored hits as he entered the s with the No.

Also in , Wilson recorded a tribute album to Al Jolson , Nowstalgia You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet , which included the only album liner notes he ever wrote: " I guess I have just about every recording he's ever made, and I rarely missed listening to him on the radio During the three years I've been making records, I've had the ambition to do an album of songs, which, to me, represent the great Jolson heritage This is simply my humble tribute to the one man I admire most in this business Following the success of "Baby Workout", Wilson experienced a lull in his career between and as Tarnopol and Brunswick Records released a succession of unsuccessful albums and singles.

A key to Jackie Wilson's musical rebirth was Davis insisting that Wilson no longer record with Brunswick's musicians in New York; instead, he recorded with legendary Detroit musicians normally employed by Motown Records and also Davis' own Chicago-based session players.

“s Girl Groups” | The Pop History Dig

The Detroit musicians, known as the Funk Brothers , participated on Wilson's recordings due to their respect for Davis and Wilson. By , Wilson and the Chi-Lites were the only significant artists left on Brunswick's roster. According to Larry Geller , who visited Wilson backstage in Las Vegas with Elvis Presley , the singer had a habit of taking a handful of salt tablets and drinking large amounts of water before each performance, to create profuse sweating.

Wilson told Elvis Presley, "The chicks love it. He was in the middle of singing "Lonely Teardrops" when he suffered a massive heart attack. On the words "My heart is crying" he collapsed on stage; audience members applauded as they initially thought it was part of the act. Cornell Gunter of the Coasters , who was backstage, noticed Wilson was not breathing.

Gunter was able to resuscitate him and Wilson was then rushed to a nearby hospital. Medical personnel worked to stabilize Wilson's vital signs, but the lack of oxygen to his brain caused him to slip into a coma. He briefly recovered in early , and was even able to take a few wobbly steps [31] but slipped back into a semi-comatose state. Wilson was deemed conscious but incapacitated in early June , unable to speak but aware of his surroundings.

Jackie Wilson died on January 21, , at age 49 from complications of pneumonia.

2. Juliet Wasn’t at the Inauguration, Reportedly Because She Had Gender-Reassignment Surgery

He was initially buried in an unmarked grave at Westlawn Cemetery near Detroit. Wilson had a reputation for being short-tempered. He assaulted a policeman who had shoved one of the fans. In her autobiography, Patti LaBelle accused Wilson of sexually assaulting her in the early s backstage at a Brooklyn theater. On February 15, , in Manhattan , Wilson was injured in a shooting. Media reports stated the real story behind this incident is that one of his girlfriends, Juanita Jones, shot and wounded him in a jealous rage when he returned to his Manhattan apartment with another woman, fashion model Harlean Harris, an ex-girlfriend of Sam Cooke.

Wilson's management supposedly concocted a story to protect Wilson's reputation; that Jones was an obsessed fan who had threatened to shoot herself, and that Wilson's intervention resulted in his being shot. That was when some crazy chick took a shot at me and nearly put me away for good A month and a half after the shooting incident, Jackie Wilson was discharged from the hospital. Tarnopol and his accountants were supposed to take care of such matters. Wilson made arrangements with the IRS to make restitution on the unpaid taxes; he also re-purchased the family home at auction.

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Tarnopol also had power of attorney over Wilson's finances. Tarnopol and 18 other Brunswick executives were indicted on federal charges of mail fraud and tax evasion stemming from bribery and payola scandals in In Tarnopol and the others were found guilty; an appeals court overturned their conviction 18 months later. Although the conviction was overturned, judges went into detail, outlining that Tarnopol and Brunswick Records did defraud their artists of royalties, and that they were satisfied that there was sufficient evidence for Wilson to file a lawsuit.

However, a trial to sue Tarnopol for royalties never took place, as Wilson lay in a nursing home semi-comatose. One of the highlights of the federal tax fraud trial of Tarnopol and the other Brunswick executives came when Eugene Record of the Chi-Lites testified that he had been assaulted during a contract negotiation at Brunswick's New York office.

Record stated that he asked Tarnopol for advance money on a recording in when an associate of Tarnopol's, whom Record identified as Johnny Roberts, asked Tarnopol "Should I twist his nose off? In March , Wilson and his drummer, Jimmy Smith, were arrested in South Carolina on "morals charges"; the two were entertaining two year-old white women in their motel room. Freda Hood, Wilson's first wife, with whom he had four children, divorced him in after 14 years of marriage as she was frustrated with his notorious womanizing.

Although the divorce was amicable, Freda regretted her decision. The death of Jackie Jr. He sank into a period of depression, and for the next couple of years remained mostly a recluse.

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He turned to drug abuse and continued drinking in an attempt to cope with the loss of his son. Another daughter, Jacqueline, was killed in in a drug-related incident in Highland Park , Michigan. Wilson's second marriage was to model Harlean Harris in , with whom he had three children, but they separated in He later lived with Lynn Guidry, a woman who had two children with him. He had a friend by the name of Joyce McRae, who was the only one who tried to help him, and she tried to be his caregiver while he was in a nursing home.

However, as he and Harris never officially divorced, Harris took on the role of caregiver for the singer's remaining nine years. Wilson converted to Judaism as an adult. And I just want to say that I think Jackie Wilson was a wonderful entertainer Jackie, where you are I want to say I love you and thank you so much.

Until Jackson's comments, Wilson's recording legacy had been dormant for almost a decade. Tarnopol owned Wilson's recordings due to Brunswick's separation from MCA , but the label had closed down, essentially deleting Wilson's considerable recorded legacy.

When Jackson praised Wilson at the Grammys, interest in the legendary singer stirred, and Tarnopol released the first Wilson album a two-record compilation in almost nine years through Epic Records , Jackson's label at the time.

Through Tarnopol's son, Wilson's music has become more available. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the British author, see Jacqueline Wilson. For the American boxer, see Jackie Wilson boxer. For other people named Jack Wilson, see Jack Wilson disambiguation. African-American soul singer-songwriter and performer. This section contains weasel words : vague phrasing that often accompanies biased or unverifiable information.

Such statements should be clarified or removed. September This section is in list format, but may read better as prose. You can help by converting this section , if appropriate. Editing help is available. July Main article: Jackie Wilson discography. Retrieved December 30, Retrieved July 14, Rolling Stone.

Who Was Jackie Doo-Boy? Who Was Jackie Doo-Boy?
Who Was Jackie Doo-Boy? Who Was Jackie Doo-Boy?
Who Was Jackie Doo-Boy? Who Was Jackie Doo-Boy?
Who Was Jackie Doo-Boy? Who Was Jackie Doo-Boy?
Who Was Jackie Doo-Boy? Who Was Jackie Doo-Boy?
Who Was Jackie Doo-Boy? Who Was Jackie Doo-Boy?
Who Was Jackie Doo-Boy? Who Was Jackie Doo-Boy?

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